Energy Solutions


Optimum Design + Quality Materials + Expert Installation = Quantifiable Return on Investment.

Ultimate R-Factor

It is a fact that approximately 40% of the total energy consumed in a typical commercial building literally goes right through the roof. As utility costs continue to rise, energy consumption is an increasingly important component of your overhead costs.

In today’s ultra-competitive business, energy efficiency is no longer a luxury­­­­—it can be a matter of survival. As a professional roofing contractor, we use state of the art software to model a building's costs and to design a roofing solution that will optimize payback. Weather Shield can improve the energy efficiency of your building and save you money.

Infra-Red & Nuclear Moisture Scanning

As West Michigan’s leading commercial re-roofing specialist, we are one of the few roofing companies to employ the latest Nuclear Moisture Scanning technology. This eliminates the guesswork to help save you thousands of dollars!

We use moisture scanning and infra-red leak detection equipment on every roof design that we complete. This sophisticated diagnostic equipment allows us to locate and map the hidden causes of roof leaks and the invisible wet insulation beneath the roof. Using these instrument, Weather Shield can provide these measurements with incredible accuracy.

Green Roof

Green roof systems are a growing trend recently and for good reason! Green roofs and rooftop terraces not only provide a beautiful outdoor space for employee and tenant use, they have several cost-saving benefits as well. Our green roof and rooftop patio systems by Skydeck USA will help extend the life of your roof by 100 – 200 percent by protecting the roof membrane from ultraviolet radiation, drying winds and punctures as well as reducing temperature fluctuation. The high reflectivity and emittance value of solar reflectance roof pavers moderate roof temperature, increasing energy efficiency of your building. In addition, green roofs add R-value to your roof helping reduce heating and cooling costs and extending the life of your mechanical equipment.

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Solar Solutions

When it comes to energy efficiency, nothing surpasses the power of having produced your own from the sun. This free and abundant energy source can be easily acquired with a commercial solar system. Flat roofs have a significant amount of untapped potential for energy production.

Commercial flat rooftops provide excellent infrastructure and location for solar systems without the need for new ones to be constructed. Your rooftop may be a perfect place for solar panel installation. Weather Shield provides quality solar solutions, including modules which can turn your commercial flat roof into a valuable asset instead of a liability.