Commercial Metal Retrofit Roofing

Looking for a Commercial Metal Roofing Solution for Chronic Leaks?
Weather Shield Roofing has re-roofed millions of square feet of metal roofs of all shapes and sizes and helped building owners just like you eliminate the nuisance of chronic leaks and costly annual maintenance with superior commercial metal roof experience.

What Causes Metal Roofs to Leak?

If you currently own a low slope metal roof, you are probably more familiar than you would care to be with the challenges in keeping your building or facility leak free. The expansion and contraction of metal buildings and roofs (made worse in a cold weather climate) are a proven formula for chronic seam problems, washer and fastener failure, elongated screw holes, and rust. The fun doesn't stop there because you can also look forward to internal condensation leaks and annual gutter and ice back-up problems!





What About Roof Coatings?
It is not uncommon for people to tell us that their metal roof has leaked since their building was brand new. Tired of the need for annual repairs to fix the same problems over and over again? Many building owners experiment with roof coatings, enticed by extravagant promises and the allure of a "cheap" fix. Yet roof coatings seldom eliminate the problems they have been battling, require additional repairs to combat ongoing leaks, and require you to budget for the expense of periodic re-coatings.


Providing You Continuing Value

Providing you with CONTINUING VALUE means that we give careful consideration to:

  • ENERGY: Although the purchase price of a new roof often receives most of the attention, it is often not the greatest cost. We help you understand the energy efficiency of your current roof and offer options to improve the energy performance of your new roof.
  • ENDURANCE: Premature failure of your roof can be expensive. That's why we install world-class roofing products and provide you with warranty options of up to 30 years.
  • ENVIRONMENT: It is important to consider the true overall impact of a roof system on the environment. This includes not only how your current roof system materials are addressed, but also the impact of producing and transporting new materials, installing the roof, maintaining it, and removing and disposing of the membrane at the end of its useful life.

Why Weather Shield Commercial Roofing Systems?

Weather Shield commercial roofing systems consistently deliver results that meet or exceed our client expectations. Benefits you can expect from us:

  • Nearly 40 Years of Experience
  • Quality, Cost Effective Work
  • Excellent Workmanship & Materials
  • Unmatched Customer Service