Roofing Safety

Being bad at roofing safety is bad business. At Weather Shield, we believe we have a moral and economic obligation to care about each other and to care about you. Being the best at what we do is not possible unless we include safety as a priority. When working on a project, you can wreck or end your life or a co-worker’s without doing anything “wrong.” The purpose of this guide is to provide a comprehensive resource for our roofing safety policies and practices.

Stay safe on the job! Download our Roofing Safety Guide to learn how!

The Weather Shield Story

When I founded this company nearly forty years ago, I didn't want to be just another local roofing contractor. I had a vision that we could have a company that was best-of-class nationally. When I look back on the legacy of Weather Shield, I can honestly say that we've come a long way toward achieving that goal, and we've done that by offering a very unique consultative approach to our clients. We have the same sophisticated diagnostic equipment and advanced investigation techniques that are offered by the most expensive roof consulting and architectural firms but offer all this at no additional charge to our clients. You have my word that we will give you results, not excuses.

-James Bush, CEO of Weather Shield Roofing Systems.


Commitment to Customer Service

We are a commercial roofing company that specializes in fixing the flat roofs no one else can. To do this, we use the most reliable, state-of-the-art infra-red and nuclear moisture scanning equipment to pinpoint the invisible hidden causes of your roof leaks. This eliminates guesswork and can save you thousands of dollars! We promise to give you the same unequalled commitment that has thrilled our clients for more than thirty years and has made Weather Shield Roofing Systems Western Michigan’s leading flat roof specialist.