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Single Ply Roofing

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In the state of Michigan, single ply roof systems are a great solution to most flat roofing needs.  Keep in mind as you review the three single ply roofing systems that each system can be installed in one of three ways:

Fully-adhered: The single ply membrane is adhered to the substrate (typically an insulation board) using water-based or solvent-based adhesives.  The insulation board itself is either mechanically fastened or adhered to the roof deck.

Mechanically-fastened: The single ply membrane is attached by manufacturer-approved  mechanical means (screws and plates) to the substrate or roof deck.

Ballast/loose: The membrane is loose laid over the top of the roof, sealed at all penetrations and around the perimeter, and then ballast holds it in place. Ballast usually consists of smooth, round river rock two to three inches in diameter, and is applied at a rate of approximately 10 pounds per square foot.  On occasion concrete pavers are used in their place; these average around 20 pounds per square foot.

The types of Single Ply Roofing Systems that Weather Shield installs are EPDM (Rubber)PVC and TPO.

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The Weather Shield Difference

We offer you a team of experienced roofers that specializes in commercial flat roofing. Weather Shield representatives are all trained and certified. Made up of professionals, our team of roofing experts brings precision to every job. They are skilled and adept at re-roofing and administering flat roof repair. Weather Shield even provides 24-hour emergency leak response. When your building is experiencing a leak, call us to find the source and stop it!

Weather Shield also brings you the best brands at the best prices. Choose from manufacturers like Versico, John Mansville and other quality roofing membrane makers without compromising on price. Weather Shield offers top of the line roofing materials and services without the added premium. Make us the last roofer you ever want to work with!

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