Want Free Electricity?

What if you could use the sun to throw away your electric bill and could do it without installing those ghastly looking previous generation solar panels?

Weather Shield Roofing Systems, Versico, UniSolar, and Greenville Schools are joining forces to make that happen.This small town of 8000 people located 25 miles north of Grand Rapids, MI has a vision of leading the nation with their “green” plan and their ability to harvest the sun’s bountiful energy. Thus their nickname “Green-er-ville.”

What better way to tap into the sun’s energy than to call on one of the local experts, James Bush, CEO of Weather Shield Roofing Systems. Jim’s work ethic and creative drive has grown his innovative roofing company from a small start up company 30 years ago into the premier commercial re-roofing company in Michigan. Who could have imagined that a young 19 year old with a borrowed ladder tied to the roof of his two door, ‘68 Chevelle Malibu would be speaking about energy harvesting and future trends three decades later.

The city of Greenville, along with their schools are attempting to turn every public roof into an energy producing station by utilizing UniSolar’s newest solar panels. These products are unique because of their flexibility, light weight, durability and real world efficiency. The marriage of Weather Shield’s commercial roofing knowledge with Uni-Solar’s innovation creates a system that can provide more than 25 years of reliable energy harvesting. Even Uni-Solar was shocked by the efficiencies of the Weather Shield team.

Jim Bush explains how this panel creates a higher surface temperature which makes most manufacturers “uncomfortable.” His recommendation is Versico, which has twice the roofing history with TPO compared to the other manufacturers. Their 60 mil TPO requires no modification to handle the extra heat over its lifetime. Understanding how a roof works and how it reacts in extreme weather conditions gives Weather Shield a huge advantage.

As a featured industry expert and motivational speaker, Jim Bush predicts that this is only the beginning. He states, “Just as advances in transportation were the driving force of the last century, advances in energy production will be the driving force of the coming century. A hundred years ago someone could have foreseen that innovations in transportation would revolutionize the economies of the world and lead to advances for all of civilization. Today, we are on the cusp of that same thing happening again, only this time it will be revolutionary innovations in energy production that will change the economies of the world yet again.”

In part that future isn’t tomorrow but is already here today.

Uni-Solar is currently testing in New Jersey one of their photovoltaic systems that disguises itself as a shingle so that it can work unnoticed in residential areas. Roofs will cease being unused decorative spaces and soon become value-generating assets. Turn on the lights. It’s free!

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