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What to Execpt When Working with Weather Shield


Executional Communication

When working with us, you will receive a call when we arrive and clear feedback on what we found and how we can help.


Professional Expertise

Our Roofing Service Experts have extensive experience, training, and the latest technology to pinpoint the source of your roof leak.


Before and After Photos

With us, there’s no need for you to climb on your roof to take before and after photos. We’ll do it for you! You will receive photos of the defects we find.

Expensive Roof Replacement Costs Can Be Prevented 

With our MAX LIFE ROOF CARE™ Program, keeping up on regular roof maintenance can reduce the cost of replacing your roof in the long run.

How the Program Works

Weather Shield Max Life Infographic
Step 1: Foresight

With our infrared and nuclear scanning technology, we do a forensic analysis of the flat roof to determine exactly what it needs.

Step 2: Restoration

We do the needed repairs to get your roof up to speed and in a leak-free, serviceable condition at the lowest cost possible.

Step 3: Preservation

Once Restoration is completed, we preserve your flat roof with minimal ongoing “tune-ups” for the next couple of years.


Steps 1 through 3 are then repeated as many times as possible until it is absolutely necessary to replace your roof, ensuring that your commercial roof is never replaced before its time.

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