Customer Roofing FAQs

How Can We Help?

Answers to some of the commonly asked questions about commercial and industrial roofs and the services we provide at Weather Shield Roofing Systems.

What are your service areas?

We service both West and Mid-Michigan along with areas of Indiana. Our commercial, industrial, and flat roof service areas include the following:


  • Grand Rapids
  • Muskegon
  • Grand Haven
  • Holland
  • Kalamazoo
  • Lansing (through Morrow Roofing, a Weather Shield Roofing Systems™ Company)
  • Flint
  • Cadillac
  • Benton Harbor


  • South Bend

For more information about our service areas, click here.

Do you install shingles or work on flat roofs for residences?

No, we do not install shingles or work on residential homes. At Weather Shield Roofing Systems™, our focus is on commercial and industrial roofing services. We specialize in working with property managers, facility managers, maintenance managers, business owners, and others to provide them with more roof life for less roof cost.

Do you have an emergency roof repair service?

Yes, we have a 24/7/365 emergency roof repair service backed by our team of full-time Service Professionals whose only job is to find and stop leaks.

If you have an emergency leak, we’ll dispatch one of our full-time Service and Roof Repair Specialists within 2 hours of your call. From there, they will meet you at your location for your repair needs, even if that’s at 3:00 a.m. on a weekend.

For assistance call 616-243-4040 to speak to one of our representatives.

For after-hour emergency roof repair service, call 616-243-4040 and press 1 to leave a message. Your phone call will be returned within 15 minutes.

For more information about our 24/7/365 emergency roof repair service, visit our Commercial Roof Repair page.

What should I do if I have an emergency roof leak?

If you’re within the greater Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, or Lansing area, give us a call at 616-243-4040 (For after-hours emergencies, press 1 to leave a message. Your phone call will be returned within 15 minutes). We’ll dispatch one of our full-time Service and Roof Repair Specialists within 2 hours of your call.

Be sure to use your best judgment and always put your safety first when dealing with a roof leak. If you are unsure of the implications of the roof leak, stay clear of the area. If you determine that the area is safe to be in after assessing the damage, take a look at these 7 steps to do to prevent further damage:

  1. Stay calm. If you’ve given us a call, help is on the way. Roof leaks can be very stressful, and a ceiling tile or piece of drywall that lands on the floor make it seem like the sky literally is falling.
  2. Move valuable items out from the area of the leak. Cover anything that can’t be moved with plastic.
  3. Turn off and unplug any electronics such as computers, printers, etc., and do not turn them back on until they are completely dried out.
  4. Turn off the breaker if there are any electric wires or outlets in the area of the leak.
  5. If water is leaking through ceiling tiles or a drywall ceiling, take a screwdriver and poke pencil-sized holes in the ceiling at the spot where the leak appears to be the worst. That will allow the water to come out rather than accumulating on top of the ceiling and perhaps causing more damage. Small holes are easy to patch, whole ceilings are not.
  6. Place buckets or wastebaskets under the leak(s) to minimize damage to carpets or wood floors, then mop or wet vac as much excess water as you can. This will help to prevent damage and will also reduce the slip hazard of a wet floor. We will also provide cleaning and drying equipment and can help with that process if you need it upon our arrival.
  7. If possible, cordon off the area with chairs, tape, rope, or string, and place “wet floor” signs around the area to warn people of the slip hazard.

Do you offer free roof estimates and evaluations?

Yes, we offer free roof evaluations and free estimates on roof repairs and replacement for commercial and industrial roofs. To request an estimate/evaluation, click here.

How often should I inspect my commercial roof?

Industry experts recommend, and roofing manufacturers require that every commercial roof be evaluated by a professional at least once (but preferably twice) a year even if no damage is evident. In addition to regularly scheduled annual or bi-annual inspections, every roof should be checked by one of our Service Professionals after major weather events like high winds, hail, and severe storms to ensure no damage has occurred. If your building is showing signs of roof leaks like water stains on the ceiling and/or walls, holes, slices, punctures, or openings in the seams or corners of the rooftop, we highly recommend having one of our Roofing Technicians come out to evaluate your roof. At Weather Shield Roofing Systems™, we offer free roof estimates and evaluations and would be happy to take a look at your roof. Click here to request a free roof evaluation.

What are the signs of a flat roof leak?

The first sign of a roof leak is usually a small water stain that shows up on the ceiling and/or walls. Other signs can include damage like holes, slices, or punctures, openings in seams or at the corners of rooftop units, or other penetrations on top of your roof.

If you notice anything concerning or are uncertain about the condition of your roof, contact us. We’d be happy to come out and do a free evaluation on your company’s roof.

How much does a new commercial roof cost?

The cost of a new commercial roof can range from about $3 per square feet up to $10 or more per square feet depending on factors like tear-off, the amount of new insulation required, the size of the project, the number of penetrations on the rooftop, and the type and configuration of the new roofing system. All that said, the best question to ask first is, “Do I need a new roof?” At Weather Shield Roofing Systems™, we’re in the business of extending the life of your current roof for less cost. Wondering how? Watch this quick video to learn more about the math behind owning a new commercial roof versus extending the life of your current one. To learn more about how you can maximize the life of your roof, click here. If you’re interested in receiving an estimate for your company, fill out this form and we’ll send one of our trained Service Professionals out to provide you with a free roof estimate.

Should I replace my commercial roof or should I get it repaired?

At Weather Shield Roofing Systems™, we take a very different approach to re-roofing because we operate from the standpoint of helping you avoid the major cost of re-roofing by extending the life of your existing roof. Our MAX LIFE™ ROOF CARE Program is the common sense alternative proven to help you avoid the mistake of replacing your company’s roof before it’s time. Watch this short video to learn how we can extend the life of your roof, maximize your cost savings, and reduce headaches. For more information about our MAX LIFE™ ROOF CARE Program, click here.