24/7 Emergency Commercial Roof Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

Roof leaks that interrupt your operations or cause serious damage to your facility can’t afford to wait. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency roof repair services in the Grand Rapids area.

Get Grand Rapids Emergency Roof Repair Services FAST 

Step 1

Call (616) 243-4040 — our after-hour emergency line

Press 3 to leave a message with your location and the extent of your visible damage.

Step 2

Get a response within 15 minutes

Our specialist will call you back within 15 minutes and be ready to help.

Step 3

Have your damage assessed ASAP

One of our professional Roof Repair Specialists will be at your location within 2 hours of your call.

Step 4

Sit back and resume your business operations.

Relax — we’ve got you covered! Get your operations back in order while our team gets to work on repairing your commercial roof.

What can cause the need for an emergency roof repair?


Melting snow typically causes more roof leaks than a major rain event. The added weight of the snow causes pressure that forces water into even the smallest defect. And whenever that happens, roof leaks are right around the corner.


Extreme wind storms can damage your roof and cause older sections to fall apart.


Intense rainstorms may be the final push your roof needs to break through its protective barrier. If you start noticing wet areas in your ceiling tiles or leaks along your walls, there is likely much more damage you don’t see.

Fire Damage

An unexpected emergency like a fire in your commercial building will likely leave you needing an emergency roof repair or a full commercial roof replacement.


Trees or large branches that have fallen on your building’s roof could cause an emergency roof leak or structural damage. Be sure to monitor your surrounding landscape and trim dead branches and trees.


Prolonged roof inspections and maintenance can create significant roof and structural damage. As a result of poor maintenance, insulation, roof deck rot, mold, and other issues become more prevalent.

Emergency Roof Repair FAQs

Is your service really 24/7?

Yes! Even at 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday, we’ll be there to return your call within 15 minutes.

What is considered an “Emergency” roof leak?

An emergency commercial roof leak means business operations have been halted or seriously hindered. The building is experiencing immense damage, and someone must come to repair it immediately.

Can I handle my emergency roof leak myself?

It’s always best to call an expert. Roof leaks can cause significant damage, and sometimes, the extent of the damage is unseen.

Do you have emergency roof repair services outside of Grand Rapids?

Yes! Our service areas extend throughout Michigan’s Lakeshore, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Flint, Benton Harbor, and Detroit. For a full list of our service areas, click here.

How soon will you respond to an emergency roof leak?

We will respond to your call within 15 minutes, even on holidays — and within 2 hours, we’ll have one of our professional roof repair specialists headed your way.

How soon should I call for help?

Immediately! As soon as you notice emergency damage on your property, give us a call. The quicker we have a specialist on-site, the sooner we can assess the damage and prevent further problems from developing.

What areas of Grand Rapids do you service?

Our 24/7 emergency roof repair services extend to Grand Rapids and the surrounding cities including: 

  • Ada
  • Allendale
  • Alto
  • Baldwin
  • Byron Center
  • Big Rapids
  • Coopersville
  • Caledonia
  • Forest Hills
  • Greenville
  • Hudsonville
  • Ionia
  • Kentwood
  • Lowell
  • Middleville
  • Rockford
  • Saranac
  • Sparta
  • Standale
  • Walker
  • Wyoming
  • Wayland

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Emergency Roof Repair Tips for your Grand Rapids Building

Grand Rapids has been known for its inconsistent seasons over the last few years. From brutal cold fronts of snow and ice to sunny 50-degree days within 24 hours — this weather can create major issues for your commercial roof. Check out these tips when it comes to needing an emergency roof repair. 

Stay Calm and Get Moving

Don’t panic! If you’ve given Weather Shield a call, help is on the way. Move all valuable items away from the leak and cover those you can’t with plastic. Unplug all your electronics and are in the vicinity of the damage to protect your electrical wires and prevent further damage. 

Gather Your Supplies

If you have buckets, put them under the leak to protect your flooring. Get towels to soak up excess water to protect your supplies and equipment. If the water appears to be bubbling and leaking through the ceiling tiles — take a pencil and poke a few holes in it to let the water drain.

Protect the Area

Seal off the leaking area until professionals can get to work. Use caution tape, signs, or other furniture to block off the area. The last thing you want during an emergency roof leak is to deal with an employee injury as a result of it.

By owning a commercial building in Grand Rapids, you’ve experienced every season. That means your commercial roof needs to be prepared for them all. Commercial roof management is the best way to maximize the life of your roof before you need to replace it. 

Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Grand Rapids Can Trust

As a highly-rated Michigan company on the Roofing Contractor’s Top 100 List, we’ve got you covered. If you’re experiencing an emergency commercial leak, it’s time to dispatch professionals to assess the damage. Contact Weather Shield Roofing Systems now — knowing your emergency commercial roof repair will be cared for as if your roof was our own.

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