When it comes to taking care of your commercial roof, there are two common mistakes that we see property managers, building owners, and maintenance managers make.

The first mistake is replacing the roof too early. This is often done because there is a leak that needs to be fixed. The other reason is because it may just feel like the right time. However, your roof could still have a lot of life left in it. You wouldn’t buy a new car just because you got a flat tire, would you? So why replace your entire roof when there is only minor damage?

The second mistake is waiting too long to fix the roof. Many believe that by putting off roof maintenance or a roof replacement, they’ll save money and be able to better budget for their upcoming expenses. However, that’s normally not the case. To avoid this from happening, it is best to have your roof inspected. Typically, minor repairs and replacements can be done along the way to help you keep your roof in great shape, while only fully replacing it when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Replacing your roof too early or waiting too long to fix your roof are by far some of the most expensive commercial roofing mistakes you can make. 

By maximizing the life of your commercial roof, you’re able to avoid these two costly mistakes. Check out the video below or read the blog recap to learn exactly how you can do that.

Maintain, Don’t Replace

When it comes to avoiding these two costly mistakes, maintaining your roof is your best friend. 

Not only does maintaining your roof help you avoid replacing your roof before it’s time, it also helps keep your roof in great condition while preserving its life — potentially allowing you to recycle some of your current roofing materials in your next roof replacement (which can reduce the overall cost of the replacement). 

So, how do you ensure that your roof is properly maintained? 

We recommend following a three step process (know as the MAX LIFE ROOF CARE™ Program) that includes: 

  1. Foresight: Performing a forensic analysis on your roof through infrared and nuclear scanning technology to determine exactly what it needs.
  2. Restoration: Complete the necessary repairs to get your roof up to speed and in a leak-free, serviceable condition at the lowest cost possible.
  3. Preservation: Once Restoration is completed, it’s important to preserve your flat roof with minimal ongoing “tune-ups” for the next couple of years.

Steps 1 through 3 are then repeated as many times as possible until it is absolutely necessary to replace your roof, ensuring that your commercial roof is never replaced before its time.

Following these three steps is the least expensive way for you to own your roof, and at the same time, minimize leaks, headaches, and problems. 

Plus, there are tons of benefits to avoiding the two costly roofing mistakes that we mentioned in the beginning. Below are some of the reasons it makes sense to only replace your commercial roof when it is absolutely necessary.

  1. Cost Savings

Weather Shield’s MAX LIFE ROOF CARE™ Program typically costs less per year than the annual cost of owning a new roof.

  1. Investment

You’ll be able to invest the money you save by not replacing your roof back into your business.

  1. Controlled Expenses Versus Unpleasant Surprises

We will give you a breakdown of your upcoming roof expenditures by providing annual budgets, time-frames for repairs, and eventual replacement schedules/estimates.

  1. Restored Functionality 

Your commercial roof will be restored and brought back to serviceable condition. 

  1. Damage Avoidance

Avoid major add on costs of roof replacement like saturated insulation. 

  1. Professional Service

The professionals at Weather Shield are highly trained and will work side-by-side with you to help you minimize roof leaks, costs, and headaches.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

There is no simple answer to this question — and it can depend on several factors including the weather, the age of your current commercial roof, and other factors.

In general, it is recommended that you have your commercial roof inspected at least twice a year. However it is highly recommended that you have your roof inspected after every major weather event like high winds, hail, or severe storms. 

Don’t fall into the trap of these costly commercial roof mistakes!

At Weather Shield, we treat your roof as if it is our own. It is our mission to make sure you avoid the two costly mistakes of replacing your roof before its time and waiting too long to fix your commercial roof.

Ready to get your roof up to speed with the MAX LIFE ROOF CARE™ Program? Sign up for a free roof estimate and we’d be happy to help!