Your roof is the single largest component protecting your building, people, and assets within your business. When a roof deteriorates, moisture creeps in, causing rotting wood and rusting metals. Neglecting your roof allows damp spots in the ceiling to evolve — creating safety issues, liability issues, and, in the worst cases, repair bills for other structural components and expensive assets in addition to the roof. 

When a roof wears out, it often comes as a bit of a surprise. Usually, getting it replaced requires an unplanned cost to your budget. 

That’s why we developed the Max Life Roof Care Program. As your roof nears the end of its warrantied life expectancy, a call to Weather Shield Roofing Systems can provide a way for you to plan for your costs, reduce your expenses, and extend the life of your current roof. 

Take a look at this video to learn the three steps we take to help you get more life and lower costs from your commercial roof.

The Max Life Roof Care Program is a Cost-effective Alternative to Roof Replacement

How it Works 

The typical life cycle of a roof starts when it’s brand new. Over time, natural elements like take their toll on your roof and the materials slowly break down. It’s not something that people tend to think about until they notice a problem like moisture in the ceiling or material flapping the breeze.  

By following a three-step Max Life Roof Care Program, we can help you get more life out of the roof you already have, at a price point that is a lot less expensive than replacement. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Inspection

Roofing inspections have gotten a lot more high-tech and accurate. Inspection is much more involved than simply walking around looking for wear and soft spots on large flat roofs. We employ two technologies that provide non-invasive roof inspection capabilities that allow us to pinpoint the trouble spots. 

Infrared Inspection

This is the most common and accurate form of inspection. Using hand-held infrared sensors, we pinpoint the problem areas under your roofing materials. Any water that saturates the materials below your roof will warm and cool at a different rate than the dry areas. This allows us to “see” the wet spots that need investigating without having to take your roof apart. 

Nuclear Inspection

If your roof has slopes, is dirty, or has a lot of gravel, it may not be an ideal candidate for an infrared inspection. This is where we would employ a nuclear inspection that uses sensors to detect hydrogen atoms. Again, we can do this without having to physically taking apart your roof. 

Once we map out your roof, we do a deeper inspection of just the areas that showed up on the scans. This allows us to focus our attention on the problem spots, which provides you with a much more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective inspection. 

Step 2: Restoration

Now that we have identified the problems, they need to be fixed. Using our map and closer inspection, we can make the quality repairs you need on your roof. 

We aren’t talking about simply applying some sealer on leaky seams here and there — but fixing any compromised sub-roof components. We may have to replace saturated insulation or waterlogged wood, but this along with repairs of the actual roof surface is needed to provide a strong barrier against the Michigan weather.

Step 3: Preservation

Once the repairs are done, we shift our priorities to preserving the life of your roof through maintenance. By proactively catching problems, we can often extend the life of your roof. This increases the value of your initial investment from when your roof was installed.

What’s the Benefit? 

Extending the life of the roof is the most cost-effective option. The Max Life Roof Care Program offers several benefits over just replacing the roof. 

  1. Cost Savings: Our Max Life Roof Care Program typically costs less per year than the annual cost of owning a new roof. Take a look at the cost of your new roof and divide that by the number of years it is expected to last. That’s your cost per year. Have us come out and give you a quote for the Max Life Program. 
  1. Investment: By delaying (sometimes by years) the huge cash outlay of a reroof, you can invest your money into other projects that provide you with a return on your investment.
  1. Budgeted Expenses: The Max Life Roof Care Program gives you control over roof expenditures by providing annual budgets and timeframes for repairs, and eventual replacement. You’ll know how much preservation is going to cost you each year, you’ll have an idea of how long you’ll be able to preserve your existing roof, and you can start planning on how to manage the expense of a new roof when you finally have to replace it. 
  1. Restored Functionality: Your current commercial roof will be restored and brought back into serviceable condition in order to prevent further roof leaks.
  1. Damage Avoidance: By Restoring and Preserving your current roof, you avoid the costly damage to your building’s insulation and interior that leaks cause.
  1. Professional Service: Our highly trained commercial roofing experts are always available and will work with you side-by-side to help you minimize roof costs, leaks, and headaches.

At Weather Sheild Roofing Systems, we can help you mitigate the headaches that come with dealing with your commercial roof. Let us help you get the most out of the roof you already have. Fill out this form to get an estimate and learn how much you can save through the Max Life Roof Program.