Any time you complete a project, there’s often an “old school” way of doing things and a “new school” way. Believe it or not, commercial roofing is no different. And when it comes to which way is better, there’s a clear winner — the new school way of completing a roofing inspection far outshines how things were done 100 years ago.

So why do many roofing companies still use the same inspection process that they did a century ago? We can’t answer that question, but we can tell you why the new school way is better, more efficient, and cost-effective.

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The Old School Way of Performing Roof Inspections 

The old school way of performing roof inspections is exactly how it sounds — old and outdated. 

Companies who still use this way typically walk or stomp on the roof to feel for soft spots. However, there can be problem areas that aren’t always felt by walking around. If your commercial roofer is still relying on their personal judgment, there’s a lot that can be missed.

Another old school inspection method includes cutting a core sample out of the roof. Doing this allows your roofer to see how many layers of roofing material there are, how much moisture is in the sample, what materials the roof consists of and the age of the roof.

But cutting a small section out doesn’t give you the full picture… it only allows you to evaluate that particular section. If that section is wet or rotten, the roofing inspector typically suggests a full re-roof (despite the entire condition of the roof). 

The New School Way of Performing Roof Inspections

The new school way of performing roof inspections is much different. It’s non-invasive and uses technology to determine problem areas.

At Weather Shield Roofing Systems, we use the new school way of performing roof inspections to help diagnose precisely where your roof needs to be repaired. This takes the guesswork out of it. 

With our infrared and nuclear scanners, we are able to see exact areas that need to be fixed. It can be thought of like an MRI. With better accuracy, our technology allows us to pinpoint trouble spots with precision, and understand the exact spots that need to be repaired. Doing this ensures that we never replace an entire roof before we have to. 

Here’s a breakdown of what our technology includes.

Our Technology 

Infrared Technology

  • Uses handheld infrared sensors 
  • Most accurate form of inspection
  • Infrared inspections are able to read heat differentials based on the surface temperatures
  • Moisture retains heat longer, so we can see the wet areas separately from dry areas  

Nuclear Scanning Technology

  • Works great on roofs that have slopes, are dirty, or have a lot of gravel on them
  • Very accurate
  • Uses sensors to detect hydrogen atoms 
  • Can detect problem areas deeper in the roof system than other technologies 
  • Identifies areas of concern, which can be further inspected
  • Allows us to focus our attention on problem spots

Why are these new school roof inspection technologies better?

There are a few reasons why it’s important to ensure your roofing contractor uses this new school method to inspect your roof.  

The first reason is because it doesn’t require removing any sample from your roof. If you don’t need to cut open your roof, why should you? Using infrared technology and nuclear scanning provides you with the full picture without causing unnecessary damage. 

Another advantage is the potential for cost savings. With infrared technology and nuclear scanning, you’re able to see which areas you can salvage, and which areas need to be repaired (instead of automatically being sold a complete roof replacement based on one single test). 

 Saving time during the inspection process is also key. All it takes is a quick walk through with infrared technology and nuclear scanning, and we’re able to map out exactly what’s happening with your roof.

Out with the old, in with the new

Is your commercial roofing contractor still utilizing the old school way of inspecting your roof? The old method of commercial roof inspection may have worked great over the last 100 years, but with today’s technology, you don’t have to leave anything to poor judgment. 

 At Weather Shield, we specialize in using our technology to find problem areas on your roof and replace only what absolutely needs to be replaced. 

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